1. *beer cans get knocked on the floor*
    2. Tanner: NO! My beeramid!
  3. letmeknowifimonfire:

    Look, It’s Beau…

    His birthday is exactly 2 months after mine :]

    I had short hair once

  4. fuckyeahtattoos:

    Obese Pooh.

    By Yoe. Australia.

    Haha, this is too good

  5. thekhooll:


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  6. radicalanarchy:

    Yaaaaaaaay work

  7. mineralists:

    Calcite spotted with tiny inclusions of Pyrite on Sphalerite.
    New Glencrieff Mine, Scotland

    (Source: crystalclassics.co.uk, via art-ticulate)

  8. thekhooll:

    Scott Rodgerson

    A small sampling of the images you will find in Scott Rodgerson's blog, he submitted only one image, but after checking out his work I could not resist preparing a post and featuring his tumblr.

    Check out this tumblr!

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  9. Is crazy thinking of you’re future sometimes. You could become the most famous person in the world for something tomorrow for all you know. Or you could just continue living a quiet life like everyone else.

  10. designmeetstyle:

    Vintage industrial. Add shine and sophistication with an urban edge to your kitchen. Incorporate this style with bold details, like metal mosaic tile and cage pendant lighting. Get the look.

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  11. patshit:

    let’s get this straight 

    it is not romantic to persistently pursue someone after they have refused you

    Hollywood didn’t get the memo :P

    To an extent I agree with this post, but there is a way to do it respectfully. It’s not romantic unless you are successful in winning then over. First impressions aren’t always as good as you’d hope them to be and you may need a second or third try. But this must be done respectfully.

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  13. My second job I picked up at the bar is helping me be more socialable woth my co workers at my other job. So that’s pretty cool.


  14. I want to complain about my 17 hour work day, but I don’t want to come across as annoying. So instead of posting on Facebook about it I’ll do it here.

    Got up at 745am for my first job and worked til 3pm. Drove 20 minutes to maple grove and took an hour nap in my truck. Clocked in for work at the bar at 5pm and I’m not done til 130 or 2am.

    My feet hurt and I want to sleep. There, I’m done.